Thanks for checking out TPD Photo, we specialize in Event Photography in the Tulsa and surrounding areas.

I have had a blast taking photos in Tulsa since 2007. I let my work speak for itself, I have shot numerous events and have countless compliments on my images. I promise that I will work just as diligently to capture every aspect of your event as you have put into planning it.

Who am I:
Primarily, I'm a Police Officer with the Tulsa Police Department and have been since 1996. I love being a cop and I love this department. I've worked as a patrol officer, Crime Scene Detective, and most recently I'm the Project Manager in the Chief's Office. 

I started photography by spending countless hours developing black and white film during High School in Chicago. It wasn't until I became a Crime Scene Investigator in 2005 that I became a "Professional" photographer. I've instructed photography for other Crime Scene Detectives, Officers and Civilians and I currently own and operate a photo cooperative called 

Here's what I do:
EVENTS (I like to think I'm the best, but that may be a bit narcissistic, I'll let you decide based on my portfolio)

PORTRAITS (I'm somewhat selective on portraits, specializing in Corporate Portraits. However, the occasional Senior slips in every once an a while)

Here's what I don't do:
Babies (Like herding cats)
Weddings (Lots of drunk brothers, sisters, uncles twice removed. I had a hard time figuring out if it was the mom's wedding or the brides)
Family Photos (I can't get my own family to sit still for an hour, let alone a complete stranger's family)

Needless to say I don't do any of the above. If you are looking for these, I can recommend many photographers that I know and trust who have the drive and desire to handle your needs. 

That's pretty much it folks. Event work is fast paced and a constant challenge as the environment is completely out of my hands. Through thousands of event pictures, I have honed my skill to a fine point and I promise to work my butt off for you.

Give me a call and let me show you what your event deserves!

Super Simple Pricing

$150 per hour for a single photographer
$100 - Optional - per hour for me to bring another photographer with me. I highly recommend this for events with more than 200 people.
$50 - Optional - One time fee to host all of your event photos on my website for quick and easy download for you and your clients. The gallery can be password protected if you desire.

On-Location printing - $ Negotiable $

That's it. You get complete rights to the full resolution photos to do with as you please. Your guests don't get harassed to buy prints and they, with your permission, can download the same high resolution photos directly from my website at no extra cost to them.


Ridiculously Large Venues

Lorton PAC  244

If your planning an event with hundreds of guests and want it all documented, we can handle it!

I am unstoppable when it comes to working the room and the people to catch not only all of the fun candids, but the intimate group shots as well.

I will also capture all of the hard work that went into making the event special. What's the point in working hard to make it look great and not have it professionally documented.

No one is safe from the camera, to get as many different shots as possible we hunt out all of the guests and memorialize their presence through photography.

If your event is smaller we work just as hard to capture the emotions and feel of the intimate setting you create.

We work diligently to be as inconspicuous as possible.

To flash or not to flash, I got you covered. Many times the hard intrusive and annoying flash can really kill the mood. 

Fear Not! I have spent copious amounts of money to buy the very best equipment to work in all conditions. 

Light, dark, cold, hot, wet, dry, late, early. No matter the conditions, I'm prepared. I may sweat, shiver, or be scared of the dark, but I'll get the shots.

Smaller Intimate Events

Carolyn's 50th 105
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